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Book your underwater photo & film shoot with G.A.L Photography and receive 
captivating underwater scenes for your acting demo-reel with bedazzling photographs ..

G.A.L Photography specializes in conceptual underwater photography coaching actors to explore the depths of different characters below creating stunning cinematographic footage and images for your acting reel and portfolio.

Packages may include wardrobe consulting/styling, makeup artist, video short, a DVD with your finest images and cinematographic underwater acting reel.

Photographer Gisele A. Lubsen will work with you on a one on one basis inside a heated pool guiding you to submerge into your expression and flow with your role through breathing techniques and body directing in order to get the most noticeable and powerful results.

Discounted sessions for bookings of 
3 or more actors
See What Happened When Joey Graceffa Took The Plunge .. 
And Joey's Thoughts On The Experience .. 
"Water ads another layer to your character. 
What happens down there is alchemy. 
A lot of Gisele's work is about what you don't see but feel. 
The poetry of this is almost indescribable." 

Jorge Tort
Actor & Creative Director
"Working with Gisele was a fabulous experience. A creative combination of photography and the underwater-world!

Underwater acting is a unique experience, just like acting in space where there is no gravity.  

It is a great way to learn to let go. An important tool to master for acting"
Lotte Verbeek, Actress, on working with Gisele .. 
Asimakis Pagidas, Writer/Actor/Model, on working with Gisele .. 
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