Hello I am Gisèle and I adore creating captivating underwater photographs!

I am the founder of G.A.L Photography specializing in conceptual underwater photography.

If you treasure beautiful, unique and striking images, which turn heads and make you want to dream you have come to the right place! Each one of my underwater photo shoots reflects a customized concept and theme meeting the specific go getting and objective of each of my valued customers and art collectors.

From a young age I spent most of my time in the water. Growing up in Greece swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, water was always where I felt limitless, free and serene so it was only natural to express my work and art in this timeless and powerful medium. Together with my wonderful team composed of lighting assistants, specialized underwater makeup artist, fabulous stylist and a trained lifeguard always present on set, I direct actors, models, fashion campaigns, branders, couples & individuals into magical underwater experiences creating captivating photographs and video footage.

For me, underwater photography embodies fearlessness and creativity. Water is a place where one can translate an expressive mission into its highest most attractive and effective visual form. I have created many underwater art productions around the world and when I visit art collectors who have acquired my art pieces and witness them on their walls or in their gallery, I feel a sense of pride of everyone who performed in each creation. They are confident and fascinating to watch. This is extremely rewarding.

I believe in the power of underwater photography and water as a way to heal, express true emotion, connect and push through innumerable layers. Being underwater creates a sense of heroism, which is very powerful on a visual level contained inside the photographs and for the person posing. Water is romantic which helps express and inspire timeless beauty. By coaching people to connect underwater within their surroundings and with each other I want to show that everything can be attained through connection and reflection. We are all a mirrors and weather the goal is to interconnect with our love or to brand a product, the results are the same. They both create powerful and timeless images creating a universal language for everyone to bridge with.